Sensible spirit of drinking promoted in latest TSG ads

Targeting a range of demographics, the latest initiative by The Sense Group (TSG) promotes individual and social wellbeing by raising awareness further about the misuse of alcohol including, particularly, binge brawl, underage drinking, and drink driving.

This summer, the responsible drinking advocacy body is launching a series of television and internet commercials reminding different segments of people not to take any chances with their lives and to be responsible.

Consisting of three infomercials, the 30sec public service messages have all been filmed under the theme of “You have a choice: Be drink aware”, and shot with real life scenarios that underpin a sensible spirit of drinking. These can be viewed at:

TSG’s Director General, Mr Ray Grech, said: “Our efforts to promote responsible drinking stem from our commitment to safeguard a healthy and safe Malta that places special emphasis on a healthy society. The fact is that, like many other products, when misused, alcohol can lead to individual and social harm.”

The campaign forms part of the TSG’s 2014 action plan in connection with The site pulls together resources from a rich variety of sources and enables those with an interest in responsible drinking to learn existing and emerging facts. The key areas the site combats are: underage drinking, drink driving, behaviour of young adults, and responsible drinking.  Since 1997, TSG has launched several campaigns that offer practical recommendations with the main aims being that of achieving increased levels of awareness and more use of common sense to combat alcohol misuse.

“Most experts now agree that alcohol misuse is a complex issue involving a variety of physiological, psychological, social and cultural factors. TSG works to bring general awareness that changing behaviours and culture around alcohol misuse requires a multitude of efforts ranging from education to enforcement,” said Mr Grech.

With the campaign in full swing, TSG is appealing once again for a unified approach by all stakeholders in order to tackle problems where they exist.

Founded in the late 1990s by producers and importers of alcoholic beverages, TSG promotes programmes and practices that create a positive role for alcohol in the Maltese society and addresses issues related to alcohol abuse and misuse. For more information visit