Moderation Matters – Drinkawaremalta’s 2020 campaign

Drinkawaremalta has launched its campaign for 2020, promoting the importance of drinking responsibly and within legal limits. Moderation Matters focusses on hard-hitting facts about some of the consequences of alcohol intoxication and driving the message that excessive drinking can lead to life impacting outcomes. Vivid imagery and videos are paired with the facts to further convey the impact of alcohol abuse and intoxication.

The new campaign takes place as Malta prepares itself for a Christmas season taking place with the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic. While this may result in fewer social gatherings, the risks associated with too much drinking over the festive season, particularly at home, are still present, if not enhanced.

Drinkawaremalta, therefore, wants to remind people to drink responsibly, as well as offer information and guidance on the impact alcohol abuse. “We also encourage people to keep an eye on family and friends who might not realise their alcohol habits could be an accident waiting to happen.” said Ray Grech, Director General of The Sense Group which runs the Drinkawaremalta campaign.

The website provides useful information that is freely accessible to the public, about the effects of alcohol, tips and guidance for parents, and how one can enjoy alcohol without risking intoxication. Some practical steps include pacing drinks with periods of abstinence, alternating with water, eating before and with drinking, and avoiding mixing different types of alcoholic drinks.

Founded in 1997 by producers and importers of alcoholic beverages, TSG promotes programmes and practices that create a positive role for alcohol in the Maltese society and addresses issues related to alcohol abuse and misuse.

Moderation Matters

Drinkawaremalta 2020 campaign is inviting everyone to remember that Moderation Matters.