“Know your limits” advises The Sense Group

As part of its ongoing commitment to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm in Malta, The Sense Group (TSG) has launched its drinkawaremalta.com  summer campaign targeting various age groups, with special emphasis on the younger generations.

Consisting of four bold visual concepts, the publicity is being been strategically placed in outdoor locations boards in high traffic areas , with the underlining point conveying  the short-term and long-term effects alcohol abuse might lead to. In addition to radio commercials, Web banners have been created to be placed in popular new portals and social media platforms, including Facebook.

TSG’s messages are clear: one should always think straight, be fully aware of how much is too much, think of both the immediate and morning after’s consequences and, above all, doesn’t let one’s brain to slow down just through alcohol abuse.

TSG’s Director General, Mr Ray Grech, said: “The point we seek to make is that its pays no one to go over the top with alcohol consumption. Binge drinking is a dangerous activity, which more often than not goes unrecognised. Besides other complications, people who binge drink on a regular basis could be risking serious damage to their brains now and increasing memory loss later on in life.”

“On the other hand, we are confident of a more positive approach towards the message of our summer campaigns. The vast majority of people in Malta today understand the message that excessive alcohol drinking is not a sign of to be proud of but one that leads to loss of self-respect and even potential physical harm” said Mr Grech.

This campaign forms part of the 2013 action plan in connection with drinkawaremalta.com. This site provides consumer information about various aspects of drinking alcoholic beverages. Over the years, TSG has launched several campaigns that offered practical recommendations with the main aims being that of achieving increased levels of awareness and more use of common sense to combat alcohol misuse.

“TSG would like to appeal once again for a united approach by all stakeholders in order to tackle problems where they exist,” said the TSG Director General. “Hospitality and respect are among our best Maltese values, and these should be treasured more today as other countries have lost these values.  It is therefore important that these values do not lose their meaning through drinking over the limit.”

“The focus around the world is on prevention of harm through alcohol abuse. We are in a position as a country where we can keep educating and nurturing a culture of responsible drinking and push for more enforcement of existing laws.  There is no use in creating new ones when abiding by the current ones will more than suffice. “Mr Grech continued “Even more unjust will be taxing the majority who are responsible drinkers without effectively monitoring where abuse is prevalent. Our stand on the proposed National Alcohol Policy, with which we generally concur, is based on these principles.”

The new 2013 summer campaign by TSG highlighting the consequences of binge drinking and the effects of alcohol on the brain.

The new 2013 summer campaign by TSG highlighting the consequences of binge drinking and the effects of alcohol on the brain.