Drinking abuse breaks other lives too

The theme of the 2017 summer campaign launched by The Sense Group (TSG) is “Drinking abuse breaks other lives too…Be drink aware”. Featuring stark black and white imagery that aims to give maximum impact for the message, the campaign is designed to extend the consciousness of the negative results of excessive alcohol consumption beyond oneself, and make abusers think about the people around them, including friends and relatives.

“The Sense Group is acutely aware of the impact that uncontrolled drinking habits have on society in general, communities, families and friends. One tends to talk mostly on the harm to the person who abuses of alcohol to oneself in terms of  health, livelihood, and one’s own quality of life. But the ripple effect on those around the abuser can have devastating consequences that most times go beyond repair and lead to a life of regret,” said Ray Grech Director General of The Sense Group.


The public is invited to share this message as much as possible in order to create more awareness of this issue and to visit the drinkawaremalta.com website to learn more about the facts that can lead to a way of living with alcohol in a moderate manner.