Alcohol and summer – the key is moderation

Summer is here and one can feel the buzz around the island which fills the Maltese population with a sense of eagerness to go out and enjoy all this season has to offer. In summer in particular, heat-related illnesses can pose a risk when temperatures rise.

One particular website offering useful tips in this regard is by The Sense Group (TSG), which aims to reduce alcohol related harm by promoting moderate drinking through numerous targeted initiatives. It is bringing into focus the fact that with so many events, village feasts, festivals, and parties, it is customary for many adults to consume and enjoy alcoholic drinks with friends. While there is nothing wrong with this aspect of social life as drinking in moderation is part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, TSG is highlighting the fact that excessive alcohol consumption can contribute to dehydration and heat exhaustion, especially during the hot summer months.  When consuming these beverages, it is important that one keeps hydrated with adequate amounts of water or sports drinks, before, during and after.

TSG advises that drinking too much alcohol in the heat can also have an impact on one’s judgment. The more alcohol one consumes, the harder it is for the person to recognize whether one might have a heat-related illness. The combination of alcohol and heat also poses serious health risks for older adults and individuals with medical conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease.

One’s judgement may be impaired if that person has been drinking too much: best is not to  take risks one may regret, such as diving into water, if one doesn’t know how deep it is or fooling around near swimming pools.

Apart from car accidents, summer can also be a dangerous time of year for boating incidents. If one is likely to drink alcohol, then TSG highly recommends that one designates a non-drinking driver: one should not get into a car or a boat with a driver who has been drinking beyond safe limits.

It also helps to eat well before you leave home or while you are drinking any alcoholic product. A full stomach slows the absorption of alcohol.

TSG advises that the most important thing to keep in mind at all times is to drink in moderation  and to trust one’s own careful judgement, by avoiding peer pressure in swaying one to do anything one doesn’t want to do.

More info can be found at website answers some of the most commonly asked questions about alcohol such as enjoying a safe night out, the perfect host, safer summer holiday, how much is too much, what is responsible drinking and how alcohol affects your body. There are top tips for young adults, guidelines for parents, and advice for those under sixteen.

Founded in 1997 by producers and importers of alcoholic beverages, The Sense Group’s main objective is that of reducing alcohol related harm by promoting moderate drinking through numerous, targeted initiatives that are recognised as being one of the best examples of Corporate Social Responsibility in Malta. Amongst these are regular campaigns against drinking and driving, underage drinking and binge drinking.

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