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Drinkaware Malta launches ‘Opening Responsibly’ campaign

In light of the recent easing of pandemic-related restrictions, Drinkaware Malta is launching an ‘Opening Responsibly’ campaign in collaboration with the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, spiritsEurope, and the Malta Chamber of SMEs. The campaign will highlight the commitment of the hospitality sector to adopt conscientious approach to re-opening while […]

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Moderation Matters – Drinkawaremalta’s 2020 campaign

Moderation Matters

Drinkawaremalta has launched its campaign for 2020, promoting the importance of drinking responsibly and within legal limits. Moderation Matters focusses on hard-hitting facts about some of the consequences of alcohol intoxication and driving the message that excessive drinking can lead to life impacting outcomes. Vivid imagery and videos are paired […]

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Drinkawaremalta encourages straight talking this festive season

Drinkawaremalta’s campaign for the 2019 festive season is centred around hard-hitting messages aimed at prompting the reader to stop and think about the possible consequences and realities resulting from alcohol abuse. Through a play on words, Drinkawaremalta is inviting the reader to reflect not only their situation but also on […]

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‘Take Control’ – New campaign from The Sense Group

‘Take Control’ is the theme of the newly launched campaign  by The Sense Group. Featuring  a series of blurry images, the campaign brings to the fore a common symptom of excessive alcohol consumption. While designed to address young adults, promoting moderation while consuming alcohol, the campaign’s message also addresses parents and bartenders inviting them to ‘Take Control’ and keep a watchful eye for […]

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Drinking abuse breaks other lives too

The theme of the 2017 summer campaign launched by The Sense Group (TSG) is “Drinking abuse breaks other lives too…Be drink aware”. Featuring stark black and white imagery that aims to give maximum impact for the message, the campaign is designed to extend the consciousness of the negative results of […]

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Sensible spirit of drinking promoted in latest TSG ads

Targeting a range of demographics, the latest initiative by The Sense Group (TSG) promotes individual and social wellbeing by raising awareness further about the misuse of alcohol including, particularly, binge brawl, underage drinking, and drink driving. This summer, the responsible drinking advocacy body is launching a series of television and […]

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“Know your limits” advises The Sense Group

The new 2013 summer campaign by TSG highlighting the consequences of binge drinking and the effects of alcohol on the brain.

As part of its ongoing commitment to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm in Malta, The Sense Group (TSG) has launched its  summer campaign targeting various age groups, with special emphasis on the younger generations. Consisting of four bold visual concepts, the publicity is being been strategically placed in outdoor […]

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Alcohol and summer – the key is moderation

Summer is here and one can feel the buzz around the island which fills the Maltese population with a sense of eagerness to go out and enjoy all this season has to offer. In summer in particular, heat-related illnesses can pose a risk when temperatures rise. One particular website offering […]

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